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    Keith Sweat with special guest Freddie Jackson

    Keith Sweat with special guest
    Freddie Jackson

    Date: Saturday, October 21, 2017 | 8PM
    Tickets: $40, $55, $68 & $75
    Venue: Entertainment Hall | Seating Chart

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    Keith Sweat Biography

    Keith Sweat has done more than just stand the test of time. No other contemporary R&B singer has reigned with such consistency, delivering in searing, soul-drenching tones, an aural history of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the urban male.

    His brooding, almost panther-like mystique has served him well over seven enduring albums, a thoughtful and compelling counterpart to the din of disposable wannabes who claim the throne and then abdicate between album cycles. Keith, now 15 years in the game, has always relied on one thing to carry the musical day: his razor-sharp instincts.

    To put it another way from his incredible 1987 era-changing debut, Make it Last Forever, (which helped launch new jack swing)to 2000's sleeper classic Didn't See Me Coming (you know you're still jamming to cuts like "Real Man," and the gritty "Don't Have Me" Sweat has subscribed to one notion above all others: Let Keith Be Keith. Sexy, brash, sometimes pensive always provocative, he holds a Sinatra-esque respect for both his fans and his material that keeps us 'coming' back for more, again and again. "They know me and I know them," he says proudly. "I'm street. Born and raised in Harlem. That's all you got to know about me. I know what I got to do on a Keith Sweat song."

    And now, on his eighth album, the soon-to-be-classic Rebirth, Keith purposefully captures both the past and the future, unleashing a masterpiece of slowjams and uptempo numbers that recall not only his roots, but also the incredible journey that has brought him to this moment. Whether it's the sizzling "What Is It?" or the sensuous "One On One," featuring Lola Troy and Lade Blac, or the defiant, in-your-face "100% All Man," Keith runs the table on this one, stoking the kind of un-tempered passion not heard since, well, you know when. "I wanted to grab some of the feeling I had on my very first album on Rebirth," he says. "Fans come up to me every day and tell me how much Make It Last Forever meant to them. I want this to be a symbolic rebirth for them and me."

    Freddie Jackson Biography

    What does it take to be great? Have you ever thought of what goes into being recognized around the world for excelling in your work and accomplishing what most would consider impossible? What does it feel like to become immortalized by text, sound and picture? How much discipline does it take to stay relevant at your field of work for over 40 years? What does it say about a person’s character when their memory will live on long after they physically leave the earth? How do you become a LEGENDARY FIGURE? Many people will live their entire lives without even trying to fathom the answers. However, one man could write a book about seeing the world from a bird’s eye view, and that man is Freddie Jackson.

    After almost 4 decades in the music industry, Freddie Jackson is still upholding his buzz with fans and promoters around the world. Early on in his career, Freddie became the voice of the “Grown and Sexy” by singing some of the world’s most memorable music. Whether it was time to dance or time for romance, Freddie has earned the title as a one of R&B soul’s most valuable contributors, by performing his long resume of pure timeless music.

    In 1985, Freddie landed a record deal with Capitol Records. His debut album, Rock Me Tonight stormed the R&B charts, spending six weeks at number one, which instantly sky rocketed Freddie’s career as he became the new sensation on urban contemporary radio! His single, “You Are My Lady” gave Freddie a second straight R&B chart-topper, and also proved to be his highest-charting single on the Billboard Hot 100. With “He’ll Never Love You (Like I Do)” and “Love Is Just a Touch Away” also hitting the R&B Top Ten, Rock Me Tonight topped the R&B album chart and went platinum. Freddie went platinum again on his sophomore album, Just Like the First Time. His singles “Tasty Love,” “Have You Ever Loved Somebody,” and “Jam Tonight” all hit #1… and that’s just scratching the surface of his career. With millions of units being sold, packed arenas, and adoring fans everywhere he turned the corner, Freddie continued to make music and perform worldwide, maintaining his dominance on the R&B singles charts.

    Over the years, Freddie released albums with Capital Records, RCA Records, Entertainment One Music Label, Town Sound and Orpheus. In addition to his twelve studio albums he released six compilation, holiday and live albums. His career accumulated millions of diehard fans around the world, 11 #1 hits, 4 Grammy nominations, and he became the winner of the American Music Award, which all easily speaks for itself. However, when Freddie Jackson releases his next single “Love and Satisfaction” in August, 2014– he will once again be the talk of the town near you!