Soaring Eagle Casino And Resort

Apply for Credit

  • Quick & easy way to obtain funds
  • Free enrollment
  • No fee per transaction
  • No interest
  • No penalty for unused credit
  • Prior to departure all outstanding markers must be exchanged for payment or coordinate deposit date for markers.

Credit Account

A Credit Account allows Guests to take out a “Marker” against their established, approved credit line (minimum of $3,000). Markers are counter-checks issued in our system with the Guest’s banking information in order to obtain the funds from their credit line. Markers are held for fourteen (14) days by the Casino and then deposited (presented to our bank for payment), unless the Guest pays the marker off before the deadline.

Apply for Credit Account Here

Process can take up to 3 weeks for application review and decision making.

Front Money Account

A Front Money Account allows the Guest to deposit funds (through cash or chips) with the Casino for future gaming play. The Guest is able to withdraw the funds as needed at the Casino.

Please inquire at the main cage at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort if interested in completing a front money application.

Process can take up to 3 weeks for application review and decision making.


  • Valid driver’s license or photo ID
  • Social Security Card or W9 filed
  • Copy of a voided check from Guest’s personal checking account

Upon arriving at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort, please come to the Main Cage with the three pieces of information listed above. Two (2) forms of identification are required at such time; state issued (driver’s license or tribal or state identification card) or passport and a major credit card, along with a voided blank check. Starter checks are not permitted. No joint accounts are permitted. Please note, the approval process may take 2–7 days.

Incomplete or inaccurate information on the application could result in delays or denial.